Fence made of wood - this is how it is protected from UV light

Fence made of wood - this is how it is protected from UV light

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Protect the fence from UV light

UV light is not only harmful to people, but also to a wooden fence. Therefore, you should not only protect your skin, but also your fence from UV light.

Impregnation does not protect against UV light
If you have a fence made of wood, a terrace floor or other things that were built in the garden from wood, you should not only protect it from the weather, but also from UV light. If you buy components or the individual boards or boards in the hardware store, they are usually already treated with impregnation. This protects against rain and deposits, but not against UV light. To get sufficient protection here, you should coat the wood with lacquer paint. Here is a small step-by-step guide on how to proceed.

Step by step instructions

  1. In the first step you have to sand the wood with sandpaper, then brush the wood and finally paint it.
  2. Use a mixture of blue stain protection and inlet base for painting.
  3. Once the wood has dried, you have to sand it again.
  4. Then apply a primer paint that is based on acrylic.
  5. Then lightly sand again and then paint with weather protection paint. This last shift should be renewed at least every three years. So the wood has sufficient protection and always looks beautiful.