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Create a farm garden - how it's done

Create a farm garden - how it's done

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Design the garden the way you want it

How you create your own garden is a matter of taste, but it can be observed that many people create a cottage garden.

Create the cottage garden
If you are one of them, here are a few tips for you on how to do this. A cottage garden consists of many plants that love the sun because they come from southern regions. Therefore, a garden that is mostly shaded is unfavorable. Now it depends on your preferences.

Plant farm vegetables
What belongs in the cottage garden? Of course, farm vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, beans and various herbs. You can plan them in separate beds. Then, of course, a farm garden has many small berry bushes, but also tall shrubs that conjure up a real sea of ​​flowers in your garden. And last but not least, the flower meadow, which you can easily sow in the bed.

Let your imagination run wild
Since everything in the farm garden should be as natural as possible, you can use great natural stones, both as bed borders and as slabs. And of course the fences are made of wood. Perhaps you are skilled in the art and weave a fence out of willow branches for yourself. Roses and clematis then climb up there - your farm garden can also be so beautiful. Just try a little something. There are no limits to your imagination when creating your own cottage garden.