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Tips for growing runner beans

Tips for growing runner beans

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Runner beans need plenty of water

Runner beans in the garden are very popular. They are easy to care for and take up little space as they grow upwards. So here are some tips for cultivation from runner beans and for care.

  1. Runner beans prefer to be in partial shade and moist soil. In contrast to bush beans, they need more water, so water them liberally.
  2. So that they develop beautifully drooping shoots around the climbing aids in a clockwise direction, at the beginning you can also tie them up, with time this is no longer necessary.
  3. You can harvest them only about 10 weeks after sowing the runner beans. At least for the first time, because the beans bear fruit well into late autumn and can therefore be harvested again and again.
  4. The beans are broken off directly on the thin stem or cut off with a knife. Do not tear out, otherwise the fruit will be damaged and the whole bean can no longer be processed.
  5. If you want beans again next year, let a few beans ripen. Postpone this until the end of the season, otherwise the plant will yield less.