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Protect young vegetables from pests

Protect young vegetables from pests

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Spring is also the time when vegetables are sown. At least when it comes to cabbage, leeks and also radishes. And that is exactly the point Young vegetables from pests to protect.

Leek moth and vegetable flies are to blame
The culprits are the leek moths and the vegetable flies. These nest in the still young vegetables and eat cavities in them. Sometimes you can see this very well with leek if you cut it open. Small corridors can then be seen there.

Protect networks
In order to avoid this pest infestation, the young plants should be protected. It is best to do this with a net that is stretched over the beds. To ensure that no pests can really penetrate, the net should either be weighed down with stones or the like at the edges, or buried in the ground.

So the vegetables are always protected and can thrive splendidly. This procedure is also useful for all other vegetables. Although these pests are not attacked, the nets also protect against snails and rabbits.