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Nasturtium does not bloom - 2 tips from us!

Nasturtium does not bloom - 2 tips from us!

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It is often the case that the nasturtium grows well but does not bloom. In order for the nasturtium to bloom again, it needs a sunny location and little fertilizer.

Nasturtium in full bloom The nasturtium shows itself to be sensitive if it is fertilized too often or too much. If the nasturtium is on a soil with many nutrients, it may well be that it grows regularly and well, but also that Nasturtium does not bloom.

1. Don't fertilize nasturtium as much
If fertilizer is added regularly during watering, the nasturtium suffers from an oversupply of nutrients, which ultimately causes the flower to fail to appear. It seems difficult to please her.

2. A sunny location for the nasturtium
The correct location of the plant is also important for nasturtiums and their growth in terms of growth and flowering. The cress can only develop really bright colors in the flowers if it is in a very sunny place. If the cress is planted in a shady area, the flowers either fail to appear, become very sparse or also very poor in colors.

If the location and fertilizer requirements of the nasturtium are met, it will otherwise be an uncomplicated plant in the home garden.