Repair gutter yourself - 3 options presented

Repair gutter yourself - 3 options presented

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Snow, ice and hail always leave clear traces on the house. Among other things, on the gutter. However, these options show how you can get them back on track quickly.

Man repairs gutter

The gutter is constantly exposed to a wide variety of weather conditions. Regardless of whether these are gutters made of metal or plastic - Frost always affects them strongly in winter. If this results in damage, this must be remedied as quickly as possible, because the rainwater drips out through the leaks, which in turn ruins the facade of your house after some time. (Reading tip: Collect rainwater and use it as irrigation water - 3 options presented)

Now you do not have to be afraid of high repair costs, because it is not necessary to have the work carried out by a craftsman. After all, performing minor repairs is not particularly complicated, which is why you can do it yourself. Thats how you save alot money. You can also buy a whole range of tools from specialist retailers to seal cracks and holes in the gutter. Only if gutters made of metal are to be permanently repaired by soldering, you should have this done by a professional, as there is a high risk of fire.

So you can repair your gutter yourself

➤ Option 1 - Seal minor damage with silicone:

If there is only small damage to the gutter, you can use silicone for the repair work. You absolutely need a silicone that is free of solvents. You will also need an appropriate syringe to press the silicone out of the cartridge. You can get all of this for a few euros in any hardware store.

➥ How to do it:

Before you can apply the silicone, you must clean the damaged areas and then let them dry completely so that the silicone can adhere optimally. Then use the syringe to apply the silicone to the cracks and holes and spread with your finger. Wet it with soapy water beforehand. It is important that you completely smooth the mass so that there are no major obstacles in the gutter.

➤ Option 2 - repair the gutter with special sealants:

In the trade (e.g. here) you can not only buy silicone, but also various sealants that have a viscous consistency for the repair of plastic, aluminum, zinc and copper gutters. These products are suitable e.g. for repairs of holes with a diameter of up to 10 mm. However, when using it is important that you only carry out the work in persistent dry weather.

➥ How to do it:

Before treatment with the sealant, you must also clean the corresponding areas of the gutter and then let it dry well. According to the manufacturer's instructions, then spread the mass with a spatula or brush. The sealant is then fully cured within a few hours.

➤ Option 3 - repair larger cracks with sealing tapes:

Sometimes it's not minimal damage that can be touched up with silicone or sealant. In this case, it is best to use special sealing tapes that are available in hardware stores or e.g. are also available here at Amazon. The tapes are made of aluminum and are also coated with bitumen. To make them easy to attach, they have a special adhesive on one side.

➥ How to do it:

You can use such sealing tapes both for work on gutters made of metal and plastic. To do this, clean the gutter from the outside where it shows signs of damage. This is the only way the adhesive can adhere optimally. You can then simply attach the tape to the gutter. It is then reliably sealed immediately.