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Garden Tips

Blueberries for the garden

You can also have blueberries in the garden. The forest is home to blueberries or blueberries. If you like walking in the forest a lot, you can snack on it or pluck it in taller people and transport it home. But that doesn't have to be the case, because blueberries are also available for the garden.
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Ideas & inspiration

Wintering oleanders - This is how it's done

In order for your oleander to survive the winter unscathed, the nerium must hibernate in a cool room. Read here what preparations are necessary. Oleander is not hardy What temperatures can oleanders tolerate? The oleander tolerates light frost, down to minus 5 degrees Celsius, without damage.
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Bedding plants

Caring for roses - 10 tips

Roses should be watered abundantly Healthy and above all, well-tended roses are among the most beautiful garden plants. In order for your roses to grow healthy in the garden and also bloom beautifully, there are a few maintenance rules to be observed. Find out here how you should take care of your roses. Caring for roses - 10 tips You should never plant roses too close together, otherwise pests or diseases can spread to the other plants.
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Artificial lighting for plants

Plants need a lot of light even in winter Yes, you read that right. This is about lighting plants. Find out what such artificial lighting is supposed to do for plants here. Lighting plants in winter We all know that plants need light to be able to live.
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Tips & Tricks

Ivy Turns Brown - What Now?

If the leaves on the ivy become brown, this may be due to incorrect maintenance or pest infestation. Sometimes a fungus is to blame. Then act quickly. Ivy is an undemanding climber Ivy is a robust and undemanding climber, which tends to proliferate and which you must therefore keep in check.
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